David Steece's Question of HonorRead the next book in David Steece’s The Paradox Trilogy!

Blackie could hear a ticking—feel wires connected to his body—he could still hear the explosions—like a dream.

David “Blackie” Steece, street- tough New Orleans gangster, called a vindictive sociopath, had survived another shootout. Blackie’s crew was nefarious for high jacking, shake- downs, trading women overseas, ripping off guns from armories or hired-out muscle. His arrival with his Mafia crew always carried a threat of violence. Friends loved him, en- emies feared him. To most he was an enigma, best left alone. This latest attempt on his life would cause a lot of pain—for someone. Blackie and his crew would find the shooter—they had snitches everywhere. Blackie took the attempts on his life because he thrived on the vendetta. His presence always instilled a state of intense fear, with dolore.