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BLACKIE death of a gangster


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There is an ancient Sicilian order whose members are known as  “Men of Honor.”  In America, this order is known by many names – The Syndicate, The Outfit, La Cosa Nostra and more commonly the Mafia.  It has been romanticized in Martin Scorsese films and television programs like The Sopranos.  But the real Sicilian Mafia did not begin on the streets of New York or Chicago. It planted its first roots on the crescent bend of the Mississippi River in New Orleans.  There, David Giordano-Steece became the muscle for the Family as he climbed through the ranks and became one of the most feared street enforcers in the nation

Read this latest episode of the life of one of the most violent and feared men that has ever walked the streets of the crescent city as law enforcement officials who perused him, judges who let him go, politicians that were corrupted, and a slew of broken hearts.  Five years in the making…Finally available for you NOW!





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