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Blackie death of a gangster Available NOW


You read the trilogy and know there is much more to tell. This is a must have for those who could see the story between the lines.

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cropped-Blackie-death-of-a-gangster-book-cover-with-spine-1.jpgDid he really leave the life? If you’re reading this book you have probably read David’s trilogy, Paradox, A Question of Honor, and Non-Magis, maybe even Minestrone Soup for the Gangsters Soul. Did you really read them ??? If you have ever heard Blackie at speaking engagements, you’ve heard the words many times ‘you are either born Sicilian or your not’, ‘you can’t be invented Sicilian on Television’. Blackie has never been accused of holding back his thoughts or opinions and didn’t. So as you read thought Did you notice, or were there the subliminal messages between the lines? Did you read Retired Chief Criminal Deputy Sheriff Bob Ragsdale’s review on page two of Non-Magis?

If you didn’t miss all these clues, then this is the book about the guy you probably knew subconsciously, and either didn’t connect the dots or just didn’t want too…. Most of you who have read these books like ‘Blackie’. Many of you consider him a friend. You stay in touch, some have been dinner guests, some just enjoyed hanging out. That ‘Blackie’ That’s not the same guy in the books, is it? The hard ass that’s unbending, what is he sociopath, no not your ‘Blackie’ he’s a good guy. Like all the other books you’ll have to decide, it’s your call…



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