The Complete Paradox Trilogy

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Book One: Paradox

David “Blackie” Giordano-Steece has been called a vindictive sociopath, had survived another shootout. Blackie’s crew was nefarious for high jacking, shake-downs, trading women overseas, ripping off guns from armories or hired-out muscle. His arrival with his Mafia crew always carried a threat of violence. Friends loved him, enemies feared him. To most he was an enigma, best left alone. This latest attempt on his life would cause a lot of pain—for someone. Blackie and his crew would find the shooter—they had snitches everywhere. Blackie took the attempts on his life because he thrived on the vendetta. His presence always instilled a state of intense fear, with dolore.

Book, Three: Non Magis

The final details in a life of contradictions where Blackie is transformed from the gangster running the muscle for organized crime to a police officer charged with the duty of upholding the law he once so easily lived outside.

Blackie’s newest book: BLACKIE death of a gangster


1 review for The Complete Paradox Trilogy

  1. 5 out of 5


    There are many, many ways to live a lifestyle. Too many people in today’s
    fine society choose their path through life tiptoeing around the emotional
    and physical well being of the people that they meet and greet each day.
    Fake smiles, dishonest handshakes and less than genuine guarantees of false
    promises for eternal love and loyalty, have become the standard in a
    society that is continually losing its moral fiber and chutzpah. Men cower
    like school girls before the unknown or the daunting tasks that arise each
    day. The type of world where daily decisions have come to be made by
    weaselly men hiding behind veils of flowered curtains and sipping drinks
    sporting little pink umbrellas rather than men of substance and character
    who proudly bear the title of loyalty like a badge of honor and who carry
    a gun to protect what is theirs.

    Just when you believe that the country will fall into a perpetual chaos
    where real men can no longer thrive, we receive a reminder of how real *MEN
    *should act. A lifestyle where guts, love and loyalty are intertwined
    within the very core of a man’s belief system. A reminder not only passed
    on through the braggadocio of word of mouth which any worm could pretend to
    have lived but through the iron hard words spanning three iconic books and
    documented by fact, pictures and hard biting reality. Books that will be
    reviled by those who are characterized within. Books that will enamor the
    modern American male with how to live a life to its fullest; with honor,
    loyalty and respect. Books that will entice women searching for that hard
    nosed, straight forward, and Devil may care bad boy.

    That is exactly what you get when you read *Paradox, A Question of Honor
    and Non Magus*. David Steece delivers a veritable core etiquette class on
    what the unknown side of society in America over the last seventy five
    years has been about. How being a man taught him the thrilling and
    sometimes deadly lessons of life learned within the Mafia How the value of
    honor from grew during his service in the Marine Corps. Finally the years
    of brotherhood shared through the trials of Law Enforcement within New
    Orleans. Read the books, and see what it meant to be a man. When you’re
    finished, review your own values of love, loyalty and respect as a man or
    woman. See if you can be half the man or woman in your lifetime that the
    author was in his. For those that find out that your answer is that you
    cannot measure up; do not feel too badly. Very few people today could.

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