The Paradox Trilogy

David Steece's Non-MagisNon-Magis

Read the FINAL BOOK in David Steece’s Paradox Trilogy!

In Non Magis, Steece offers the final details in a life of contradictions where Blackie is transformed from the gangster running the muscle for organized crime to a police officer charged with the duty of upholding the law he once so easily lived outside.


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David Steece's Question of HonorDavid Steece’s Question of Honor

Read BOOK TWO in David Steece’s Paradox trilogy!

Blackie could hear a ticking—feel wires connected to his body—he could still hear the explosions—like a dream.

David “Blackie” Steece, street-tough New Orleans gangster, called a vindictive sociopath, had survived another shootout. Blackie’s crew was nefarious for high jacking, shake-downs, trading women overseas, ripping off guns from armories or hired-out muscle. His arrival with his Mafia crew always carried a threat of violence. Friends loved him, enemies feared him. To most he was an enigma, best left alone. This latest attempt on his life would cause a lot of pain—for someone. Blackie and his crew would find the shooter—they had snitches everywhere. Blackie took the attempts on his life because he thrived on the vendetta. His presence always instilled a state of intense fear, with dolore.


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Paradox Front CoverDavid Steece’s Paradox

Read BOOK ONE in David Steece’s exciting Paradox trilogy!

True-life incidents make for exciting action in David Steece’s blistering story based on his own extraordinary experiences with the criminal mind, sexual exploitation, and corrupt politics. Paradox is filled with colorful, larger-than-life characters and interspersed with real-life documents from Steece’s criminal rap sheet, ownership of gambling casinos, and his late conversion to law enforcement.


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The Interviews on DVD

The Interview with David SteeceThe Interview

Antony Giordano, Jr. was born into the life of the Sicilian Mafia in America. He was the “boss” of St. Louis, Missouri. He fled to Sicily while being investigate for various criminal activities. Leaving behind his son, Antony, Jr., who was relocated and given the name of David Steece for his own protection. His son went on to become a gangster, veteran, cop and eventually an author. He “ran the muscle” in Louisiana. The life of Antony Jr., or “Blackie” as he is better known, is truly a paradox. In this interview, the author discusses his life, his principles, the Mafia and what it means to be a man of honor in today’s world.


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 mafia-coverYou Think You Know The Mafia?
An Interview with David “Blackie” Giordano-Steece

Blackie, a man who walked the hard black line of the Sicilian Mafioso & the deep blue line of a police officer.—Anthony Kallas, II, Assistant Director of Homeland Security.

Seductive, rhetoric, funny, scary, bold and true.—Kristy Fomin, Director of Operations, Sgt. Grit, United States Marine Specialties

Blackie has revealed deep secrets of his life among dangerous Mafia members.—Bob Ragsdale, Retired Chief Criminal Deputy, Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office, Louisiana.


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Blackie: A Gangster's LIfeBlackie: A Gangster’s Life

BLACKIE: Did he really leave the life? If you’re reading this book you have probably read David’s trilogy, Paradox, A Question of Honor, and Non-Magis. Did you really read them ??? Did you notice the subliminal messages between the lines? Did you read Retired Chief Criminal Deputy Sheriff Bob Ragsdale’s review on page two of Non-Magis? If you didn’t miss all these clues, then this is the book about the guy you probably knew subconsciously, and either didn’t connect the dots or just didn’t want too…

This phase of the Gangster’s story begins after a strange turn of events.

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Minestrone Soup for the Gangster's SoulMinestrone Soup for the Gangster’s Soul

This book tells the life and times of one of the most complex individuals you have ever been exposed to or encountered. It is a riveting read with highs and lows, but most of all the real lives of all these men. Blackie—the gangster, the father, the neighbor, the friend, the politician, the veteran and last, but hardly least—the Cop.

You’ll laugh—and maybe cry. Some of you will be surprised. Some of you might be offended—however, none of you will be bored—nor will you be able to lay down this book.  When you get to the end, you’re biggest problem will be your hunger for more.

A plethora of true-life stories about Blackie’s early life with his daughters—and later, when his only son arrives. You’ll love these idiosyncratic tales of the gangster’s life with children.

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